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Big Brother Stuff…

It’s been a while since I last blogged because I’ve been busy being such an awesome big brother.  For example, about a month ago I was hangin’ out with Sydney and she started crying.  Mom and Dad weren’t nearby so I had to take action.  I stood up, looked her in the eye, pointed my finger and said “I’ll be right back”.  Then I went and got her pacifier and put it in her mouth.  I’d seen Mom and Dad do it all the time and sure enough it worked great.

Of course I’ve been able to hold Sydney for a while now.  But lately I’ve been helping burp her, pat her to sleep, and the other night I helped Mom by throwing her pacifier into the crib when Sydney was crying.

And because I’ve been getting myself out of bed in the morning, I make sure to stop by Sydney’s room and check on her before I head downstairs.  If there was an aware for best big brother ever, I’m pretty sure I’d win every time.


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