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Mascara and Vaseline

It sure is fun acting like a grownup.  Lately I’ve realized that when Mom and Dad put me to bed at night, I can easily enough hop right out of bed, open my door and hang out upstairs by myself or come down and say hi to Mom and Dad.  About a week ago I was having some fun upstairs when I found Sydney’s jar of Vaseline.  Talk about some fun.  It’s so squishy and soft.  Before I knew it, I had it all over my hands, face, shirt and the carpet in Sydney’s room.  I was pretty sure I was now suppose to do that so I slowly snuck downstairs and peaked through the stair banisters at Dad with a small smile on my face.  Dad tried to act serious but I saw a little grin.  Let’s just say the night ended with a second bath.

Of course it’s always fun to pretend to be like Mom or Dad.  And that’s all I was trying to do when I tried to copy Mom by getting her mascara and putting it on my eyelashes.  Now I know why she does it because it was fun!  I got a little on my face but overall I think I looked pretty good.

Well, enough talk of mischief for now.  See ya!

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