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My first post

Well, I made it through my first month. I meant to update my website earlier but you know how it goes. Real life is busy. Anyway, I’m having a good time so far. My first few weeks were a little tough. I just couldn’t ever get comfortable. Lucky for me Mom was feeding me every two hours so that made it lot better. For some reason I don’t think Mom liked that but oh well. Now that I’m going into my fifth week of life, I’m really hitting my stride. I’m cool, calm and collected. I’m still getting hungry about every 3-4 hours. But what do they expect, I’m a growing girl. As you all know from my Dad’s first post, I weighed 9 lbs when I was born. Hey, no laughing. I’m not big, I’m healthy. Anyway, I’m up over 11 lbs now and doing great.

Hudson has been a great big brother. He likes to hold me and give me kisses on my head. When I go to school with him, he makes sure all the germy little kids stay away from me. He sticks his hand out and say “Back, Back”. He’s awesome!

Well, I better go. About time for another nap.

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