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I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to blog in a while.  The fun started on Friday when we had splash day at school.   It was hot outside but it was a blast running through the sprinklers.  Then I got to drive Papa’s car home from school (not really but only because I can’t reach the pedals yet)

On Saturday I helped Dad mow the yard and then we went over to CiCi’s house for Aunt Gretchen’s birthday.  I got to see my cousin Austin. He’s getting so big.  While we were there I took a ride on a huge tractor.

It’s much bigger than my toy tractor. Very cool!  It was a another great weekend.

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One Response to “Fun!”

  1. Aunt Loren says:

    Hey Hudson:
    It’s great to see you are having so much fun. Maybe sometime this summer Uncle Chad and I can take you to Pump it Up and we can play on the blow up bouncy toys. You might have to miss a day of school, so we have to ask Mommy and Daddy.

    Love you!!

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