Milestones & Achievements


2/11/2009 – I rolled from tummy to back at Nana Mize’s house

3/25/2009 – I’m able to tripod sit by myself for 30 seconds.

4/22/2009 – I’m able to sit without support and lean to get toys without falling.

4/28/2009 – I started putting my feet in my mouth.

5/1/2009 – I can sit by myself much more balanced now

5/9/2009 – I rolled from back to tummy for the first time in my crib this morning.

6/2009 – I dance when music comes on

7/2009 – I said my first words.  I’m not exactly sure what my first word was but I started with “Mama” and “Dada”.  Later on some of my favorite words were “now”, “light”, “cheese”, “more”, “up”, “down”, “ba-ball” (basketball), “uh-oh”

7/2/2009 – I started clapping.

7/12/2009 – When Mom and Dad went to Jamaica I cut my first tooth

7/23/2009 – I started trying to pull up.  I can hold myself up if Mom and Dad help.  They don’t think I’ll crawl.

7/25/2009 – I crawled for the first time

9/29/2009 – I can walk while pushing toys or chairs but I still crawl mostly.

9/2009 – I got my first haircut

11/1/2009 – I took my first steps

12/2009 – I started walking after we had a “big boy” month were Mom and Data made me walk everywhere

1/24/2010 – I caught a ball for the first time.  I’ve been able to put shapes through their appropriate hole in a toy for a few weeks.

1/11/2011 – I went around hugging and kissing all of the girls in my class at school.  When one pushed me away, I swatted back at her.  I also love to cook and I helped Mom make cornbread muffins.

2/12/2011 – I saw the ocean for the first time at Surfside beach.  It was really cold and we couldn’t feel our feet afterwards.  But I was so excited I didn’t care.


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